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Diary of an extraordinary machine

the road just rolls out behind me

Morbo's kitten
I'm a doctor! (But not the kind that treats people.) I got a PhD in molecular and cell biology from UC Berkeley, moved back home to Manchester, NH, and now earn a living by fixing up other people's scientific manuscripts. Most of the rest of my time is spent keeping my two-year-old from breaking her neck, eating everything she finds on the ground, or watching ALLLLL the TV; I have also been doing a lot of nursing and diaper-changing since our twin boys came along.

When I'm not doing one of those things (pretty much never), I can usually be found swearing at the Red Sox (or various members of my crappy fantasy baseball team), shaking my fist at the squirrels in the garden, rock climbing, or thinking about cooking something for dinner, maybe. Or doing laundry. There is always a lot of laundry.

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